Veggie Macaroni

Veggie Macaroni

All age group of people love Macaroni. But the common version of Macaroni with red or white sauce is high calorific. So, people like us who do not want to compromise on taste but like to eat healthy can prepare this.

Tomato Puree
              Tomato Puree


Boiled Macaroni: 1 small cup

Tomatoes 2

Boiled peas: 1/2 cup

Boiled Carrot pieces: 1/2 cup

Any other vegetable of your choice

Pepper powder: a pinch

Salt: as per taste

Jaggery: a lump


Boil tomatoes to cook them. Then make a purée. Add this purée to a vessel and add little water as per desired thickness. To this add salt, pepper, salt and jaggery. Remove from flame and keep aside.

Take the boiled macaroni and vegetables in a plate. Add the purée above it .

It’s ready to eat.

Boiled macaroni and vegetables
       Boiled macaroni & veggies                       

Why to make ?

This is low calorific.

Makes stomach full


Macaroni served with veggies
        Macaroni served with veggies



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